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Example Telemedicine Visit with UVC

Although telemedicine has been around for quite awhile now, some folks are still a little hesitant to try it out. I'm guessing that it may be just a little bit of "the fear of the unknown." So to give you an idea, here is how your visit may go.

  • Online Scheduling: From the website, click "Schedule an Appointment". You will see "Book your Appointment in 3 Easy steps". Select a Service- Pick Regular Visit or Sports Physical ( you can also pick Sports Physical for a Camp Physical if needed.) From the Charm Health Calendar, pick the date and time that you wish to be seen. It will ask if you are an existing patient, click yes or no. It will ask for your Name, Date of Birth. Click Next. Add your "Reason for Appointment", the visit cost of 67.00 (regular visit) or 27.00 (sports physical) will be shown. Enter your Card Number and info. Click Confirm. You will be emailed a receipt for your payment and also a link to Create Your Patient Portal with Charm Health. Your email will inform you of your appointment time. It is recommended that you enter the patient portal at least 5-10 minutes prior to your visit time. If you do not already have Zoom for Health, you will be prompted to download. This is an encrypted secure HIPA safe platform for virtual audio/video consultation. Click on "Questionnaires", and sign the UVC Consent to Treat form and submit. If you are an existing patient, you can schedule from the website just like you first did, or you can easily schedule by going into your patient portal.

  • The Virtual Visit: Make sure to turn on your sound and audio ( it will look like a microphone and video camera icons on your screen). I will introduce myself and inquire the reason for your visit. I will obtain a past medical history, inquire about any current medications that you are taking, any allergies and find out what pharmacy that you prefer to have your medications electronically prescribed to. A focused (pertaining to your medical concern) physical exam will be done. You will be surprised at how thorough that a virtual exam can be. If any labs are required, I will fax an order for the labwork to your Lab Facility of Choice (example: Lab Corp, Quest Labs). If an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, etc is needed, I will fax the order over to your imaging center of choice. There is an additional charge of 30.00 for ordering labs or imaging. This covers the ordering of the tests, but also covers reviewing the results and further instruction to you. Much cheaper than having to have another 67.00 visit to discuss results. Usually, my patients are able to walk in to most centers without a scheduled appointment during the weekdays. I have had patients to be seen virtually, drive to the imaging center, have their x-ray performed, receive the radiology report, have their prescription waiting at their pharmacy for crutches/walker boot/meds and a referral for follow up with Orthopedics way faster than they could have had that done in the Emergency Room. And also MUCH CHEAPER. Work/school excuses if needed are emailed to you through the patient portal and can be faxed to your employer upon request.

  • Follow Up: I always recommend to follow up with your PCP or myself. I try to check in on you within a couple of days of your visit by email. I always encourage you to reach out for any other questions or concerns, or if you are worsening or not improving. I love to send my patients "get well cards, and goodies/samples/surprises" by mail. I think that kind of makes up for not getting those free samples from an in office visit.

I hope that this gives you a better idea of what a virtual visit at UVC will be like. Looking forward to giving you the best care here at Urgent Virtual Clinic. Melissa D. Roberts, PA-C

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