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Want to burn calories while you sleep? Adjust your thermostat!

I already tend to like to sleep with the temperature pretty cool, so I may just have to either adjust the thermostat a little more or kick off that heavy comforter. Believe it or not, the room temperature can affect your metabolism! Some science now suggests that keeping bedrooms on the cooler side could improve health, from burning calories to getting a much better night's sleep. They recommend that 66 degrees Fahrenheight may be the ideal temperature. From a study published in Diabetes ( a medical journal), revealed that individuals who slept in rooms cooled to 66 degrees for a month increased their levels of calorie-burning brown fat by 42 percent and their ability to metabolize fat by 10 percent. (Sleeping with just bed sheets only.) It was shown that there was an improvement in their insulin sensitivity, lessening their risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes. The physical reasoning that the researchers concluded from this is that in cooler temperatures, our bodies work harder to raise our core temperature to 98.6 degrees (the normal body temp). More work means more calories torched. I kinda like the idea of burning more calories just by sleeping. If you ride past my house and you see the windows iced up, you will now know that I am working on my diet! For further assistance with your dieting/ and healthcare needs, you can see me virtually at Urgent Virtual Clinic LLC. Online Scheduling at Melissa D. Roberts, PA-C, CEO

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